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Sequence Optimization for Production Lines

Different vehicles or machines are often manufactured on a single production line. The sequence in which the different products are to be manufactured offers many degrees of freedom. Each possible choice leads to a different level of performance for that day, week, or month.

This freedom faces a number of constraints: Limited part availability, delivery times must be met, storage space is limited and the workload should be distributed evenly.


reduction of disruptions in the pro-duction flow


  • Reduce set-up and waiting times
  • Fully utilize capacities and reduce costs
  • Smooth processes guarantee the best possible product quality


  • Many vehicles or machines with different configurations are produced on a production line
  • Retooling a station on the line for a new feature takes time
  • Storage capacities are tightly calculated and material availability is usually very limited
  • Delivery deadlines must be met
  • An even, data-based distribution of the workload minimizes errors and bottlenecks during the individual work steps


  • Custom modeling using multiline sequencing for simultaneous optimization of several parallel production lines
  • Processing of bivalent or multivalent characteristics
  • Convenient manual adjustment of the process using drag & drop
  • Vehicles can be excluded from sequencing if required
  • Easy adjustment of the priority of features and requirements for production planning
  • End-to-end mapping of the process, for better planning, simulation and optimization


  • Significant reduction in set-up times & more efficient material allocation
  • The potential of the production system is utilized to the maximum, thus increasing production capacity
  • Load peaks are reduced to a minimum and quality losses caused by time pressure are avoided
  • Storage space bottlenecks are avoided
  • Unit labor costs are reduced and the sustainability of production is increased

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