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By using miFLEETS, users are supported in the creation of forecasts through a variety of mathematical procedures and interactive graphical displays. In this way, inventories can be reduced and risks identified at an early stage.

miFLEETS takes into account the equipment and customer-specific failure & replacement behavior when calculating predictions.

Thus, Original Equipment Suppliers (OES) are supported in all aspects.



Sustainable inventory management by avoiding overstocking with the help of a probability-based assessment of future requirements

miFLEETS: A Proven Standard

Used by Germany’s leading automotive suppliers for over 20 years. Forecasts are widely accepted by OEMs as the established standard for high-quality estimates.


Methods for discontinuations during production runs, quoting, group forecasts, missing production numbers, etc.

Resilient and Time Saving

By introducing miFLEETS, forecasts can be produced quickly and in high quality, accompanied by detailed reports.

What Does miFLEETS Do?

What Makes miFLEETS
the Best Tool for Long-Term Predictions?

Suppliers to the automotive industry often have to make delivery commitments to manufacturers for spare parts for up to 30 years. The production cycle of a device or part is usually only 5 years. Consequently, you have to make your own forecasts of the total quantity required based on uncertain time series. Making matters worse, an increasing number of variants and discontinuations must be taken into account. Within the framework of the forecasts, expensive shortages have to be weighed against balance-sheet-critical excess stocks.

miFLEETS offers:

  • Regular inventory assessment
  • Early identification of bottlenecks and overstocks
  • Automatic forecasts for inventory valuation and production planning
  • Preliminary analysis and, if necessary, corrective calculations of input data
  • Methods for discontinuations during series, quotation, group forecasts, missing production figures, etc.

For which type of forecasts is miFLEETS used?

The miFLEETS forecasting tool was developed for predicting spare parts requirements in the automotive sector and has been in use for over 20 years. The main characteristic of the forecasts made with miFLEETS is that with the help of a relatively short history (a few years) the demand can be estimated for a very long period. The supply of spare parts must be guaranteed for 15 years in most cases, and up to 30 years in some cases. miFLEETS is also used for short-term and automated mass forecasts (demand planning).

In what way can the data be provided?

Currently, the import of data from Excel and any common SQL Server is supported. If required, a connection to Oracle or other database formats can also be made.

Which data is required for the forecast calculations?

The historical spare parts or service figures and the production or delivery quantities are used as central input data by the forecasting algorithms. With the help of specialized procedures, it is also possible to calculate forecasts without existing production or delivery quantities. In addition, device-specific information (predecessor-successor relationships, start and end date of production etc.) is included in the calculations. Within the scope of the forecast process, the user can include further information if necessary.

How big is the roll-out workload for miFLEETS?

In many cases, it is sufficient to start miFLEETS from a USB key. The greatest effort during the introduction is to provide the required input data either in a predefined Excel format or in database tables. For a transitional period, the Excel templates can also be filled in manually so that miFLEETS can already be used during the rollout. If necessary, we will be more than happy to support you based on our previous miFLEETS implementations.

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