Where standard is not enough.

Unleash the full potential of your warehousing and provisioning as well as transport structures. miSTAN excels in situations with complex and multi-layered demand behavior by leveraging intelligent inventory management.


Enjoy a wide range of benefits from fixed order quantity optimization – implemented within a day and returning value in days – to daily demand-drive ordering automation using industry leading prediction models – giving you a competitive edge that can’t be beat.

Smaller Carbon Footprint

A lean warehouse means reduced CO2 emissions. You need less space, less transports, and less inventory resulting in less to worry about.

Global Transparency

Get transparency and isolate internal cost drivers. Irregular interventions can be costly. Departments trying to optimize their inventory individually drive up overall cost.   

Easy Cost Cutting

Cut cost in you organization by doing things better. Fixing bad ordering parameters and automating ordering processes results in quick and easy savings.

Vigilant & Aware

miSTAN can quickly run a number of different scenarios to understand the impact from delivery problems of individual suppliers to the benefits of better controlling lead times.

Works intertwined with your existing ERP & CRM system closing crucial gaps.

From aviation & shipping to food production and pharmaceutical wholesale. For 20 years, companies have benefited daily from miSTAN’s unique capabilities. Established models for dozens of special cases are the key to maximizing savings.

Perfection Pays

Depending on the application, the process runs from a quarterly rhythem – to correct the parameters stored in an ERP system – to a daily rhythem – to stock millions of items through a highly automated process.

The best possible forecasting methods are used for each item, depending on its characteristics, and improved using an additional AI engine. Our probabilistic forecasting engine evaluates item for item and assigns probabilities to different demand patterns.

A comprehensive optimization is carried out on the basis of these probabilities in order to achieve a company-wide optimum.

How You Can Benefit


Balance between needs of aftermarket services and production. Get a complete assessment of your inventory strategy performance. Having a clear picture of what your optimal warehouse topology is will help you make the best investment decision while establishing an understanding of all business units for your decisions.

Inhouse Maintenance

Instantly audit your present inventory management strategy independent from your ERP provider. Find and eliminate overstocking and understocking issues in minutes and automate analysis tasks that took days before to run in mere minutes.


Rely on the most advanced demand prediction available and activate our ordering autopilot to shrink your workload. Use technologies like predictive ordering to avoid shortages before delivery breaks while fine-tuning the effects of your overall stock levels to your business needs and current market conditions.


Understand the detailed flow of your LRUs / repairables to confidently adapt to the current outlook securely meeting SLAs while working with the leanest possible inventory. Check the effect repair times, shipping time fluctuations and different material flows through your repair shops and warehouse networks can have, adapting efficiently and confidently as the world changes.

What Customers Experience

Over 100,000 part numbers are now stocked automatically and our warehousing costs were cut by 15% in a short time frame – all while maintaining a stable service level.

Case Studies

miSTAN consists of a series of modules that can be flexibly combined. Connections to ERP, CRM and CMMS allow all relevant information to be utilized.

Pharmaceutical Wholesale

The customized solution from mi solutions maps the entire process: The application can monitor all incoming goods and consumption. This allows efficient and effective forecasts to be created, order quantities to be optimized across all items and bottlenecks to be identified at an early stage.


The waiting time during aircraft repair processes is associated with high costs for airlines, which is why local spare parts stocks are essential. These times can be reduced if sufficient parts are available, but a high surplus of replacement components would also tie up capital.

Food Processing

Problems in stockpiling build up gradually. Systems are used differently, production and maintenance strategies change. Often, these adjustments cannot be clearly translated into the management of the spare parts warehouse if the necessary transparency does not exist.

Marine Propulsion Systems

Company-wide warehousing that serves all parts demands across business units delivers better results than several parallel warehouses. However, everyone must be in alignment. Analyzing and comparing different scenarios leads to a consensus that benefits everyone.

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