Success Story: Process Optimization

Offshore Natural Gas Extraction

Among fossil fuels, natural gas offers the most ecologically favorable properties in many respects. Almost half of all households in Germany use natural gas as their primary energy source. In the coming years, natural gas will also play a central role in the provision of hydrogen for alternative drive technologies such as fuel cells. However, a lot of energy is “lost” during the extraction process.


lower fuel consumption


  • Improve energy management of an offshore platform
  • Reduction of operating costs (keyword: purchase of CO2 certificates)


  • The existing control logic of the installed gas turbines and the connected heat recovery system are geared towards a maintained, idealized state
  • Ageing processes and dependencies on environmental parameters such as temperature are inadequately mapped and lead to losses
  • The system must be mapped with all generators and consumers – and their dependencies – end-2-end by the AI


  • By using a mixture of simulated and real data, the optimization module in Prexello created an accurate representation of the real system, including all environmental influences and wear processes
  • On this basis, adjustments were proposed for the control logic of the energy generation system
  • With the help of Prexello, the various factors – e. g. the condition of a component and the weather – are brought into an understandable context, thereby optimizing the overall efficiency of the system


  • The adjusted settings were confirmed by an independent simulation
  • The efficiency of the system increased by up to 10% in partial load operation thanks to the improvements proposed by Prexello
  • The interaction of the individual components is thus optimally coordinated and all safety-relevant aspects, such as a constant reserve capacity, are also taken into account

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