AI-Driven Planning for Construction Projects

Pre-Site Supply Chains

Make sure to operate your pre-site logistics and supply chain at a cost-optimal point. Use robust planning to prepare for uncertainties, ensuring the smooth progress of your project, even in the face of numerous bottlenecks and complex supply chains.


reduction of the construction pre-site complexity


While cost reduction is the main objective, our framework ensures all SLAs are met, and all contractually agreed milestones are achieved in time.

Your Project Evolves and So Does Our Optimization

The optimization evolves as the project progresses. Optimization happens in three different time windows. A long-term view, focusing on placing tasks in a week with 2+ weeks out from today. A mid-term view, assigning tasks to a certain day, and, finally, a short-term bucket for the current week. These intervals are adjustable. User-defined freezing windows – that only allow manual changes, but no more automatic changes – are possible too. The user can manually adjust plans using drag and drop and re-optimize around manual adjustments when required. This way domain knowledge and unforeseen circumstances are considered directly.


We offer interfaces to existing data storage, fusing data from anything from text documents to databases up to ERP systems. Data is homogenized and accumulated in a centralized framework that can be used with or without our UI. An add-on module also allows optimizing human resources scheduling work as efficiently as possible.

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