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Nuclear Power

More than in any other industry is the public’s focus on safety as high as with nuclear power. Highest standards with many redundancies lead to outstanding reliability. Nevertheless, problems can lead to unplanned or premature shutdowns. With our predictions of abnormal aging processes – in combination with a timely adjustment of equipment control – it is possible to reach the planned yearly revision interval.


early detection of unusual aging processes


  • Detected all abnormal changes early, so that
    • minor problems can be fixed before they escalate
    • larger issues can be mitigated by operating the reactor at adjusted settings until the next revision interval is reached


  • If significant problems with critical equipment such as the reactor coolant pumps occur between revisions, an unplanned, prolonged downtime is inevitable
  • Fowling processes can cause seals in these pumps to lose their functionality. They cannot be isolated; the entire plant needs to be run down for repair.
  • These changes usually occur insidiously – hidden behind normal fluctuations – and then develop an increasingly rapid progression


    • By taking into account a wide range of functional parameters, it is possible to predict the expected leakage rate of the reactor coolant pumps and all other critical components.
    • This way even miniscule deviations can be detected by removing noise from environmental and operational influences
    • Even if technical root causes cannot be repaired during operation, our models can reliably predict and track problems allowing for operational flexibility by safely operating equipment closer to their tolerances.
    • The AI models can indicate on how to continue operation in case of irregularities by showing the beneficial effect of an adjusted control.


    In the event that the reactor needs to be shut down prematurely, immediate repair is usually not possible, since the corresponding remote specialists must first be assembled. In the worst case, the costs for one day of shutdown can reach EUR 500 000.

    With the help of mi solutions’ Prexello unplanned maintenance breaks can be avoided and unnecessary wear and tear of equipment is eliminated by helping find and fix issues before they become a problem.

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