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Intelligent Tour Scheduling

The core task of a freight company is to plan, organize and carry out the transportation of a large number of shipments of varying sizes, shapes and changing loading and destination points. Since most shipments do not completely fill a truck, they must be combined with other shipments and bundled into loads. To ensure that truck capacity utilization is as high as possible and empty capacities are avoided as much as possible, the organization of the tours poses a particular challenge. With intelligent planning, unnecessary trips and thus CO2 emissions can be cut and costs reduced.


reduction of the unused cargo capacity of trucks

The Case

  • When transporting goods by truck, a large number of consignments with different dimensions, origins and destinations, and different loading time windows have to be bundled into tours.
  • When scheduling, the main aim is to avoid empty truck capacities and minimize transport costs. Other important factors are, for example, the maximum load (weight, shape, size, restriction on hazardous goods), punctual delivery and, above all, legally regulated driving and working times for the drivers.
  • In practice, only just under three-quarters of truck loading capacity is utilized through manual dispatching. In other words, 25 % of the capacity remains unused!


  • By applying mathematical models, the bundling and allocation of shipments is significantly improved.
  • By evaluating the quality of the allocation, different solutions can be compared. Thus, with the help of AI-based search methods, it is possible to achieve an improved allocation in a very short time.
  • Compared to manual dispatching of shipments to truck tours, the utilization of trucks can be increased to over 85% with the help of mathematical solutions while complying with all conditions.


The individual transport of shipments in trucks is associated with high transport costs for freight carriers. However, the identification of combinable freight and the search for an optimal bundling is highly complex. The AI solution of mi Solutions successfully solves the typical problem of many trucking companies and shippers in a very short time, so that the utilization of trucks could be significantly increased and unnecessary trips and costs could be saved.

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