Prexello GoldenRun

Goods manufactured in batches have production processes that follow a defined sequence of steps, comparable to a cooking recipe. These kinds of sequences can be found with pharmaceutical, chemical, paper, or food products as well as in manufacturing, e. g. with semiconductors. Any variations in the starting products, ambient conditions, processes, or points of intervention by operators lead to fluctuations in the final product quality and in the worst case the scrapping an entire batch.


less scrap and rework

Our Solution: GoldenRun

  • Monitoring of entire sites with all production lines or production processes
  • Cross-site comparison between plant fleets
  • Avoidance of scrap and improved product quality through more precise and reliable processes and thus an increase in OEE
  • Analysis of batches by machine operators or process experts allows to quickly identify unwanted variations and crucial influencing factors
  • Real-time monitoring (24/7) allows early intervention in case of problems


  • Analysis and monitoring of repetitive processes
  • Regardless of the number of parameters per process
  • Prexello GoldenRun is designed to autonomously learn complex processes with many steps.
  • AI recognizes when something goes wrong and points out problematic influencing factors
  • Successes become repeatable and thus quality predictable
  • Subjective impressions and assumptions become part of objective decision-making criteria
  • Goal-oriented error analysis and clear processes are a big step towards operational excellence.
  • Can be rolled out quickly and easily as a cloud solution, in a private cloud or on-premises

mi solutions’ team incorporates over 10 years of experience from a dozen industries. That’s a combined total of over 500,000 years of collected sensor data analyzed through established processes. You too can rely on our experienced consultants, technologies and algorithms.

In close collaboration, our experts help structure your data at the beginning, so that afterwards mathematical models of your processes are automatically generated by only a few user inputs. Our AI then analyzes process histories and learns relevant behaviors to detect and avoid problems.

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