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Process Optimization

The control of technical plants is a challenging task. A large number of parameters must be set in order to obtain a certain process reaction. At the beginning it is often unclear what effect the change of individual settings will have on the entire system. Through years of experience, a consistently optimal operation might be achievable. Alternatively, mathematical modeling can automate this task and provide you with reliable results.


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Our Solution

  • Modelling of individual process steps or plant components
  • Models consider control, reaction and environmental parameters
  • Own control strategies can be tested
  • An optimization module searches for better control parameters
  • Data exchange via customer-specific data interface possible
  • Your existing sensors and measurements form the basis
  • Access to results via data interface or user interface
  • 24/7 almost real time evaluations or one-time optimization possible


  • Flexible modeling approach that can take into account the interaction of different information types
  • Customer-specific optimization functionalities possible
  • Our international team of experts creates and maintains all mathematical models for you and advises you on all questions
  • Models can be exported and called via scripts
  • Comparison of different devices or applied strategies possible
  • Integration with our predictive maintenance solution possible
The mi solutions team has more than 10 years of experience in a dozen industries. That is a total of over 100,000 years of recorded sensor data, which have been evaluated by established methods. You can rely on our experienced consultants, technologies and algorithms.

In close cooperation with the customer, our experts design the mathematical modeling. The AI models are then built using a process history. After a learning phase, the customer can take over the operation on his own, but our experts are still available to provide support.

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