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Predictive Maintenance

Predictive Maintenance (PdM) has become a major success factor for plants and production processes. PdM is the key to reducing costs in order to avoid production downtimes. In complex industrial systems, PdM can be used to avoid breakdowns, plan maintenance better and quickly implement low-impact operation of machines. A higher process quality therefore means a directly measurable success.


avoidance of unplanned downtimes

Our Solution

  • Monitoring of entire sites, production lines or production processes
  • Supervising large fleets
  • The mathematical models permanently learn the properties of a plant or system, independent of its state
  • Algorithms continuously compare the behavior of all measured variables
  • Data exchange via customer-specific data interfaces possible
  • Existing sensors and measurements serve as a basis
  • Access to results via cloud portal
  • 24/7 near real-time evaluations


  • Fast overview over all processes in a personalized dashboard
  • Focus on the essentials: The AI learns from user activities, data and events and optimizes itself
  • Human-machine combination: Interaction permanently optimizes the performance of the AI
  • Our international team of experts creates and maintains all mathematical models for you and advises you on all questions
  • Clear user interface and navigation with focus on core tasks
  • Additional modules and extended functionalities possible
The mi solutions team draws on over 10 years of experience in a dozen industries. That amounts to more than 100,000 years of collected sensor data, which have been evaluated by established methods. You can rely on our experienced consultants, technologies and algorithms.

In close cooperation with the customer, our experts design the mathematical modeling. The AI models are then built using a process history. After a learning phase, the customer can take over the operation independently, but our experts are still available to provide support.

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