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In production processes, frequently recurring faults can occur. The circumstances and consequences appear comparable, but the cause remains unclear. Countless influences affect process stability – they make a manual analysis comparable to searching for a needle in a haystack. In contrast, modern predictive maintenance procedures can analyze long histories and all influences simultaneously and identify common influences.


elimination of unplanned downtime

Our Solution

  • Development of a model based on the best possible process behaviour
  • Comparison and analysis of fleets possible
  • Search for conspicuous behavior patterns
  • Iterative improvement of the model by our experts
  • Data exchange via different data formats possible
  • Your existing sensors and measurements serve as a basis
  • Access to results via cloud portal
  • Results are analyzed and compiled together with the customer
  • Based on the findings, suitable recognition methods can be developed


  • Results can be visualized in detail in customizable dashboards
  • Our international team of experts creates and maintains all mathematical models for you and advises you on all questions
  • In order to achieve the best possible results, the examination is carried out in several phases. In each phase the results become clearer.
  • Combination of human-machine: Feedback and expert knowledge are incorporated into the learning process in order to obtain the best possible model.
  • Algorithms can be provided in common programming languages
  • Integration into our predictive maintenance solution possible
The mi solutions team has more than 10 years of experience in a dozen industries. That amounts to more than 100,000 years of collected sensor data, which have been evaluated by established methods. You can rely on our experienced consultants, technologies and algorithms.

When our experts analyze the data, expert knowledge is built into the modeling to achieve a goal-oriented root cause analysis. The AI models reflect the behavior of all processes, so that deviations and irregularities become evident in case of malfunctions.

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