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Inventory Optimization with Spare

Precise consumption forecasting and order quantity optimization is a key success factor in today’s economy – be it in spare parts warehousing, in wholesale or retail or in the stocking of consumables. It is not just a question of how high demand will be in the future, but also when these demands will arise.

The occurrence in the recent years have made it more obvious than ever before: Having the right medicine when it is needed, is critical for our society. The use of state-of-the-art mathematical forecasting methods makes it possible to ensure the supply of medicines to a wide range of patient groups.


reduction in stock levels with im-proved service level


  • Ensuring sufficient stocks to meet demand when it arises
  • Avoiding excess stock and excessive capital commitment
  • Provision of all information for an efficient ordering process and to support dispatchers
  • Automation of partial assortments


  • Uncertainty and random influences regarding demand and replenishment times
  • Many order variants and specifications from suppliers
  • Rapid response to changes in demand
  • Shifts in demand (new products, successor products, price changes, etc.)
  • Seasonal influences on demand and delivery behavior
  • Article specifics (order units, chilled goods, shelf life, high-price products, allocation, etc.)
  • Consideration of company or industry-specific requirements


  • Generation of several billion forecasts over the last 20 years
  • Over 100 million items ordered fully automatically daily
  • Automatic differentiation of the methods used based on demand structures, marketability, uncertainty and defect patterns
  • Flexible control via service level specifications, demand data or order date specifications
  • Extensive analysis data to support control and connected processes
  • Flexible intervention and control options to be able to react quickly to changes

The customizable solution Spare from mi solutions maps your entire process: The application can monitor all incoming goods and consumptions. This allows efficient and effective forecasts to be created, order quantities to be optimized across all items and bottlenecks to be identified at an early stage. Various options such as a preventive build-up of stocks to bridge delivery breaks or the consideration of demand peaks at the beginning of the month are examples of the solution’s flexibility, far outpacing what is possible with standard ERP solutions.

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