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Suppliers to the automotive industry often have to make supply commitments to car manufacturers for spare parts of up to 30 years. The production cycle of a device or part is usually only 10 years. This means they themselves have to make forecasts of the total quantity required on the basis of uncertain time series. This is made more difficult by an increasing number of variants and discontinued products. Within the framework of the forecasts, expensive under-coverage must be weighed against balance sheet-critical excess inventories.


reduction of over stocking

Our Solution

  • Manual forecasts for costly spare parts inventory using Excel-implemented solutions and flat-rate calculation models often lead to overstocking
  • This causes permanently excessive capital commitment and/or immense liquidation costs
  • A regular stock evaluation as well as the early identification of bottlenecks and overstocks fails due to the extensive product range
  • With the introduction of FLEETS, forecasts can be created quickly and in high quality in combination with detailed reports
  • FLEETS forecasts are generally accepted by OEMs as an established standard for high-quality estimates


  • Successful application at automotive suppliers for approximately 20 years
  • Sustainable inventory management by avoiding overstocking with the help of a probability-based evaluation of future requirements
  • Automatic forecasts for inventory valuation and production planning
  • System supported evaluation of different calculation models
  • Preliminary analysis and, if necessary, correction calculations of the input data
  • Methods for discontinuations during series production, quotation preparation, group forecasts, missing production figures, etc.
By employing FLEETS, users are supported in the creation of high-quality forecasts by a variety of mathematical methods and interactive graphical representations. This allows stocks to be reduced and risks to be identified at an early stage.

We take into account the device and customer-specific failure and replacement behavior when making our predictions.

With the solution FLEETS from mi solutions you can immediately use all advantages due to the fast implementation.

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