Orion: advanced machine learning to detect early signs of abnormal situations in the process

“We have integrated machine learning as a part of our reliability engineering process. The results we have achieved are very encouraging and we are expanding the use of this capability in various parts of our processes. Caverion has been an excellent partner for us on this journey. They have a strong, mature and proven service concept and a very competent team. The service is constantly evolving to meet our evolving needs.”

Stockholm Exergi: Data-driven Production

Stockholm’s energy company Stockholm Exergi has been using the Caverion Intelligence Anomaly Detection Solution to monitor its heat and power generation in the greater Stockholm area since 2019. The system supports operators and maintenance personnel and ensures reliable production performance. It also prevents unplanned downtime by detecting anomalies at an early stage. The system does this by continuously analysing thousands of signals and using advanced machine learning algorithms to recognise deviations. By identifying deviations early, errors can be corrected in good time and the risk of downtime in production can be avoided.

Yavor Todorov

Often, a lot of unused potential is hidden in data from industrial plants. Only with experience and mathematical knowledge it is possible to uncover this value for companies. We offer these competences.

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