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Our many successfully completed digitalization projects distinguish us. Through our practical knowledge and our experience, we are able to eliminate obstacles that stand in the way of success at an early stage. Be it with concept development or during implementation. AI only leads to a meaningful outcome if digitalization is lived through and through. Learn how Math as a Service (MaaS) can help you succeed.



We know what it takes to make AI projects successful. Clear, proven concepts are needed and stakeholders must be involved.

AI is about more than just software

We do not only help you to use AI, but also show which new processes have to be created.

Change towards digital culture

The added value of AI only takes effect when organizations align themselves with the new possibilities.


Artificial Intelligence is supposed to boost our company: Where do we begin?
To uncover the most promising areas for the use of AI, machine learning and other mathematical methods, two things must be considered. Firstly, where does the most potential for improvements lie and secondly, what data or information can be obtained?

Often, great success can be achieved with simple approaches. But the challenge then arises in the execution. Existing processes must be adapted and often completely redesigned in order to benefit from mathematics.

For us it is important that results and the way to reach them are clear, understandable and comprehensible for all stakeholders.

How does the rollout of AI turn into a success?
The overall concept must be right from the start and all parties involved must support the process. It is crucial to clearly present the benefits on the one hand and to ensure that the organization is fully prepared for the new processes on the other hand

The introduction of AI is both an opportunity and a risk. With our experience we help you to a successful implementation.

In what form are the results available at the end of a project?
The mathematical part can be provided in the form of micro services, a stand-alone software or as a web service. In most cases, the AI is embedded into existing environments. In this way it is able to perform its everyday work in the background. Power users can also access more in-depth information.

Beyond that there is a comprehensible documentation.

Which project sizes are ideal?
The perfect scope of projects obviously depends on the current state and potential. As a rule, clear expectations should be defined at an early stage in an exchange with decision-makers. We will illustrate what is possible and help you to weigh up what targets are feasible.

We have been supporting many of our reference customers for 10 years or more. It has become clear that ? after a solid basis has been established ? further steps should be based on a milestone plan. First, the most important points must be addressed, implemented and established.

Our experience also shows that a project can create a great deal of added value in just a few weeks. This creates confidence for higher goals.

For larger projects we collaborate with a strong network of partners, so that we can always rely on the best experts for different fields.

How does a smaller project look like in concrete terms?
After we have initially determined the opportunities for a clear benefit of a data analysis, the technical background will be examined in a workshop.

In a next step we receive the necessary data in a suitable format, such as a text file or table. We then carry out the modeling and analysis. As soon as the results are available, they can be retrieved online. This can usually involve calculation results in a web interface and downloadable reports. Our experts will then work through the results with you and, if necessary, initiate further analysis steps.

At the end the key results are presented and further steps are recommended.

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