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Artificial intelligence can be used to increase production quality and availability in everyday operations.

We have over ten years of experience in modeling processes and technical plants. Both for fixed equipment such as a manufacturing plant or buildings and for mobile systems such as an aircraft, valuable and concrete decisions can be derived from data.


Combining Human with Artifical Intelligence

The AI learns continuously and in real time from the reactions of users.

Structured Utilization of Data

Quick and barrier-free access to your data.


Continuous Learning & Improvements

Comprehensible and target-oriented improvement of processes through AI findings.

Pursuing Operational Excellence Step by Step

Avoiding process and operating errors and increasing availability.

Reduce Scrap & Reduce Tolerances

Create best practices from sound knowledge.

Prevention of Secondary Damages

Detect hidden problems and avoid major failures.


In which industries does the use of AI bring the greatest success?

In general, AI is suitable for monitoring and improving plants and processes in any industry. Currently, our solutions are used in power generation (cogeneration, nuclear, waste, hydro), pharmaceutical, metal, chemical, aviation, pulp and paper. The crucial point is the availability of continuous process data on which the AI is built.

Do I need to purchase new sensors or other hardware?

Our solutions uses existing data recordings or sensor values. These form the basis for the implementation. Data can be obtained and merged from all relevant sources. In the course of projects it may turn out that additional measuring points are advantageous, but this is only a second and optional step.

How is data security ensured?

All data is processed either in our own data center or in a private cloud with ISO 27001 certification. Either in Germany or France.

All processes are specially designed for industrial applications to satisfy the highest safety requirements. In cooperation with customers, all safety measures are regularly reviewed.

How long does the implementation take?

Usually there are only a few weeks between the start of the project and the full availability of the solution. As soon as the data exchange has started, the first results are available within a few days.

The roll-out process follows an established procedure. First, the data is structured together with the customer and a data interface is created. Then we start with the mathematical modeling and user trainings begin in parallel. During the first weeks, our experts provide close support.

How is the data transferred?

The actual solution is highly dependent on the industry, but there is a proven, robust solution for every situation. Data can be transferred as a comma separated file (CSV) or via a protocol or procedure such as MQTT, OPC-UA, Rest API etc. A connection to a cloud storage is also possible.

Additionally, we have a network of cooperation partners who provide solutions for special cases and can also establish a secure and stable data transfer in complicated cases.

What resources and skills do we need for a successful deployment?

We handle the setup of the AI based on your data. For this purpose we conduct a workshop to clarify the crucial points. We then support you in rolling out the new capabilities in your company through training and regular online meetings. After a short learning phase, the time required to operate the web interface takes about 15 to 30 minutes daily. During this time, warnings and hints of the AI are reviewed and evaluated.

No special mathematical knowledge or experience with AI is required.

How can we best approach AI and predictive maintenance as topic in our company?

Based on existing data, important insights can often be obtained without creating an interface for online data. Problems from the past can be analyzed and the first improvements can be implemented in processes.

All in all, our AI is structured in such a way that it delivers good results with only a little data. This also makes it easy to achieve continuous data analysis in a timely manner without the need for real-time data connection.

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