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Smart Grid

The individual components of urban infrastructure are becoming increasingly digital and better connected. This creates more data from which added value can be gained. These connections can be recognized through the use of AI. The coordination of the individual components with each other is essential in order to generate synergies, particularly in the case of the power supply.


reduction of planning times


  • A local power grid with many blocks of streets needs to be equipped with grid voltage regulators to enable better voltage stability
  • The grid should be equipped with as few regulators as possible


  • The exact specifications of the power lines actually laid are not known
  • In addition to households, the grid also includes smaller industrial operations and a significant number of photovoltaic systems
  • This means that the balance between consumers and generators can change quickly and critically in certain sections of the branched local grid


  • Using historical data from existing smart meters and other independent measuring points, a rough model of the local grid was created with the help of the modeling engine in Prexello
  • This initial model was supplemented with known variables, such as information about the installed solar systems
  • The model was further refined using additional external parameters such as the weather and solar radiation in particular
  • This allowed the placement and design of the controllers to be simulated and structural changes to be planned


  • The algorithms integrated in Prexello were used to create an empirical model of the electricity grid that reflected all relevant information
  • The integrated AI was able to use data from the past to draw conclusions about currently unknown variables
  • This meant that additional measurements and the creation of a manual simulation model could be avoided
  • The planning time was reduced by 50% without compromising on quality

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